What’s the Point?

Will there be a “last judgment,” as described, for example, in Matthew 25? Probably not. But maybe Jesus was expressing a truth both timeless and urgent when he said that we who feast and play while the poor starve deserve unending torture. And maybe, as a George Fox can tell us, “nice” is the truly banal face of evil. But do we have ears to hear?

Antiquaker: Further Reflections on the Dark Side of Liberal Quakerism

Liberal Quakerism increasingly identifies itself with a small subset of Quaker vocabulary and practices, all loosely defined if at all. The Quaker metanarrative context which gave our vocabulary and practice meaning is ignored or intentionally rejected rather than faithfully developed, as if our selected slogans (“spirit,” “light,” “continuing revelation,” etc.) and practices (silent “worship,” consensus…

That of God, Spirit, and Light — Lite

In their proper context, Spirit, Light, and that of God are characters in a narrative. Within the narrative they have well-defined characteristics and roles. They have life. And they have evocative power. Ripped from that narrative, they become vague metaphysical notions that stir no one ….

An Alien in a Liberal-Liberal Land?

In my July 10 post, I wrote about the individualism and subjectivism that I see at the heart of modern liberal Quakerism. Contemplating those qualities, we might rightly ask: if “Truth” is a matter of more or less idiosyncratic personal experience, then what, if anything, beyond agreement on such vaguely-defined “spiritual” individualism itself, brings us…