This is an alphabetized list, with brief topical descriptions, of most of the posts on this blog. (A couple of very brief, non-topical posts are omitted.) To list only posts relating to a specific topic, you may use the Categories drop-down in the right sidebar of any page. For a chronological listing, simply scroll down (patiently) on the home page.

A Message in Time of War – ministry after the U.S. invasion of Iraq

A Non-theist’s Ash Wednesday Meditation – on death and life

A Peculiar Priesthood – a Quaker view, contrasted with the Roman Catholic doctrine, of priesthood

A Post[-]modern Disclaimer — what I mean by “postmodern”

A Quaker Christmas Message

A Quaker Easter Meditation on John 20:1-23

A Quaker Easter Message

A Quaker Reading of John 4:1-42 – Jesus and the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well

A Quaker Reading of 1 John 4 – The basis of Quaker universalism: “whoever lives in love lives in God and God lives in them”

A Quaker Way of Life

A Quaker’s Buddhist Practice

A Quaker’s Christmas Reflection — the first law of the spiritual life

A Reason for Persecution– what made the first Quakers dangerous to the status quo?

A Song of Experience – A critique of “experientialism,” the doctrine that special religious/mystical experiences are essential for Quakers

A Word of Pneuma: a Meditation Inspired by Adoration– reading Quaker tradition and Jean-Luc Nancy together

An Alien in a Liberal-Liberal Land? – part of a critique of liberal Quakerism

An Analytic Perspective on Quaker Spirituality — applies a simplified concept of repression, the defining characteristic of neurosis, to help illuminate the core of Quaker spirituality.

Answering That of God – a critical analysis of the popular phrase

“Answering That of God” as Revolutionary Praxis – on the inner revolution that begins Quaker life

Antiquaker: Further Reflections on the Dark Side of Liberal Quakerism

Archaic Torso of Christ – riffing on Rilke

Asylum Memories – recalling my first job in mental health

Bonhoeffer as Quaker? – ethics and pacifism in Bonhoeffer and early Quakerism

Book Review: Following Jesus – a critique of a book espousing Evangelical Quakerism

By His Wounds We Are Healed – transfiguration through suffering for love’s sake

Christ Within You: a Quaker Manifesto – the working of the Light in the heart

Concerning Love – a brief but powerful essay by Isaac Penington

Confessing Together that Christ Is Come – a point of convergence for all Quakers?

Continuing Revelation, “What Canst Thou Say?” and Speaking One’s Truth – George Fox’s challenge to our self-image

Days of Visitation – assessing my life

Dehiscence – “My heart was cloven, and its flower appeared.”

Delusion, Quaker Worship, & Spiritual Life – worship as openness to the real

Dominion and the Children of God – Who are the children of God who are given dominion?

Endarkenment – enlightenment and the lack thereof

Excess, Violence, and Us– our environmental abuse

Eye Hath Not Seen – longing for justice

Failure – a personal reflection on failure and hope

Faith and Practice – a post about their unity

Faith and Practice in a Nutshell – some very concise vocal ministry

Faith and Practice for the 21st Century – my attempt at writing a book of Faith & Practice

For Father John – a good priest in a compromised church

For Jack Sharp – a very brief appreciation of a beautiful life

From Silence to Peace: A Brief Guide to Quaker Logos Spirituality — via Mother Teresa

From Water and Spirit – the story of Nicodemus and baptism in light of Genesis 1:1-5

George Fox Series – a 9-part analysis of Fox’s “conversion” according to his Journal

George Fox’s Marriage Proposal – Fox’s suggestion for how marriages should be celebrated

Gnosis of the Heart – the opening of the heart

I Am the Way – many paths up the mountain?

If Love Flows Through Us – love cannot be possessed

“I know what it’s like to be dead”– reflections on death (first post)

In/Fallibility, Non/Judgmentalism, and Quaker Spirituality– Quaker infallibility and judgmentalism, early and late

John Woolman and the Pandemic — Why did the “Quaker saint” John Woolman decline smallpox innoculation?

Judged by Jesus – How would Jesus judge my life?

Kairos: A Meditation on Some Words of Mary Oliver

Law, Love, and Liberty – living from love rather than law

Light, Right, and Unity – unity even in disagreement

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself? — Does Jesus teach that we must love ourselves before we can love our neighbor?

Metanarrative & Metanoia in Zen & Quakerism – the two as critiques of normality

Miracle and Sense – Must the world make sense?

Missional Life – “To be missional must be to live ‘in Christ.'”

Modern Liberal Quakerism – a brief beginning for a critique

No Salvation – giving up hope of salvation: a journal entry from 1988

Of Smiles, Secrets, Strawberries, Sunyata – life as a falling through void

On Being Peaceful – reflections on my motivations for acting for peace

On Extended Wings – reflections on aging

Only Love Remains – faith and hope end, but love remains: a meditation on 1 Cor. 13

Outside of the Text – reflections inspired by a passage from John Berger’s Bento’s Sketchbook

Perfect Poverty: a Quaker’s Koan? – Watching the concept of spiritual attainment deconstruct ….

Perfection and Pacifism – Why did George Fox refuse military service?

“Primitive Christianity Revived” – Christianity as protest against natural selection

Quaker Convincement and Experiment with Light

Quaker Faith and Practice for the 21st Century – My attempt to create a book of Faith and Practice

Quaker Theology in Brief – a proposal for a minimalist, four-point theological basis for Quakerism

Quaker Worship as Act of Courage – “worship in spirit and in truth” as disruptive experience

Questioning Quakerism as Mysticism – Did George Fox have a classic mystical experience? Should Quakers be mystics?

Resurrection? – an analysis of the rise of the resurrection faith

Re-wiring for Love – more on Christianity as protest against selection

Saving Selving – reflections on a poem by Gerard Manly Hopkins

“Silent Ways of Knowing,” by Maggie Ross – a reprint of an essay by the Anglican solitary

Simone Weil, the Trinity, and Quaker Worship vocal ministry

Special Experiences and Visions – vocal ministry on the relative unimportance of special experiences

Sunyata: an Unorthodox Experience – living in “emptiness”

Tears of Fire – transcription of brief vocal ministry on apocalypse and hope

Text and Antitext – reflections on the marginalization of others

“That of God” and the Other – How does our belief affect our ethic?

“That of God”: a Quaker Reading of Romans 1:16-20

That of God, Spirit, and Light ― Lite – further critique of liberal Quakerism

“That of God,” the Light, etc.: the Dynamism of Quaker Imagery — on not objectifying Quaker tropes

The Basis of Quaker Pacifism

The Church, the Draft Board, and Me (Table of Contents & Introduction) – A sketch of my evolution, despite encounters with predatory priests and a vindictive draft board, from youthful candidate for the Catholic priesthood to adult a-theistic Quaker who still asserts that “God is love.”

The Darkness of Mother Teresa – Part 1 – Part 1 of a book review essay

The Darkness of Mother Teresa – Part 2 – Part 2 of a book review essay

The First Step of Peace – “The first step of peace is to stand still ….”

The Heart of Quakerism – reflections on being a Quaker

The Light Within as Sword – vocal ministry based on a passage from the Letter to the Hebrews

The One Who Is to Come? – vocal ministry from 1994

The Power of Suffering Love: James Nayler and Robert Rich

The Psychology of Salvation: Recovering, Reframing, and Reclaiming the Early Quaker Experience 

The Publican, the Quarisee, and Christ – “Two guys walk into a house of worship ….”

The Religion of the Broken-Hearted – Quakerism as a religion of the heart

The Sacrament of Peace – reflections on our identity as peacemakers

The Turning of the Wheel (1): Jesus as Poet – the poet of the Kingdom

The Turning of the Wheel (2): Buddhism and Quakerism – a comparison

The Zen of Quakerism – “You have a heart. Use it.”

“To All Friends” — an Adaptation – A 21st-century adaptation of George Fox’s Epistle CXXX

Three Aspects of Metanarrative – a very brief look at religion as metanarrative

Understanding Quaker Worship – the nature and power of Quaker worship

Variation on a Theme by Bernanos – reflections on loving

“What Canst Thou Say?” — Paraphrase with Commentary

Worship, Ministry, and Narcissism — Vocal ministry about worship and vocal ministry

Worship, Nontheism, & Convergence – Quaker convergence: the point of unity

Wrestling with Nothingness – reflections on death (second post)

Writing a Faith and Practice – difficulties in Baltimore Yearly Meeting