Featured Art

Since changing to the current format, I have used digital reproductions of some works of art as “featured” images for the home page. The format, a WordPress theme called “Expound,” does not permit identification of a featured image. In order to identify the images and make them available after they have been removed from the home page, I have created this page. Images here have been linked to external sites about the artists or works when possible (click the image; the linked site should open in a new tab), and links to the posts which the images originally accompanied are provided as well.

Having begun to embed art/music videos in some posts, I will include those here as well.


The River Ouse, East Sussex, England, by Patti Smith
Perfect Poverty: A Quaker’s Koan?

The Annunciation

“The Ustyug Annunciation” by Chantal Heinegg
(A Quaker Christmas Message)

(Quaker Convincement and Experiment with Light):

(For Jack Sharp):


Pulpit, St Mary, Ulverston (Matthew Emmott)
(What Canst Thou Say?)

Wedding Feast by Pieter Bruegel

Pieter Bruegel, The Peasant Wedding
(George Fox’s Marriage Proposal)

Theotokos icon by Ephrem Carrasco

Ephrem Carrasco, Theotokos icon
(A Quaker Christmas Message)

Dinah Roe Kendall, The Good Samaritan (from Allegories of Heaven)

Dinah Roe Kendall, The Good Samaritan
(Missional Life)

The Peaceable Kingdom -- Edward Hicks

Edward Hicks, The Peaceable Kingdom
(The Basis of Quaker Pacifism)