Faith & Practice Book

Quaker Faith and Practice for the Twenty-first Century

Sections I and II are now complete. (An additional section, an historical sketch of the Quaker movement, may be provided in the future.) Links to HTML versions of each part are provided below. The text has also been compiled into a PDF document for downloading.PDF download icon


I. Introduction

  1. About this Manual: Audience, Approach, & Format
  2. A Basic Theology for Friends

II. The Life of the Spirit

  1. Introduction, and The Bible and Historic Quaker Writings
  2. The Quaker Experience
  3. Meeting for Worship
  4. Vocal Ministry
  5. Meeting for Business (Quaker Decision-making)
  6. The Meeting as Caring Community
  7. The Use and Nurture of Gifts
  8. Personal, Family, and Community Life
  9. Meditative Prayer
  10. Practical Expression of the Life of the Spirit
  11. Social Justice
  12. Mercy and Generosity
  13. Peace and Nonviolence
  14. Ecumenism and Universalism
  15. Summary: James Naylor’s Statement

III. Historical Sketch [possible future essay]