Faith & Practice PDF Available

The current versions of Section I, “Introduction,” and Section II, “The Life of the Spirit,” of my Quaker Faith & Practice for the 21st Century are now available for download as a single PDF document. (See link below.) I recommend that the material be read in order from the beginning; parts build on what came before.

Quaker Faith & Practice for the 21st Century is a work in progress. The revision date of the currently available draft is noted below. I am grateful to the Friends of Homewood Meeting and others who are reviewing and commenting on the draft. If the review process results in changes, the PDF document(s) will be replaced, the download links updated, and an announcement made on the Faith & Practice Book page here.

Click here PDF download iconto download the 2/21/2016 PDF of Sections I and II of Faith & Practice for the 21st Century.

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